A message from the Editor-in-Chief, Carson Long:

The Sting is no more.

As a former Southern Polytechnic State University student, reading that brings me some pain. I have an enduring connection with this publication. It brought me into the world of writing and student media and led to me meeting some very important people in my life. Yet, as the Editor-in-Chief, my job is to help this publication grow. To do that, some things need to change.

From the first semester after SPSU joined the ranks of Kennesaw State University, when I worked as a Sports Editor on the magazine, I could feel that we didn’t really fit in with KSU yet. I loved our magazine and what we did, but no one knew who we were. We weren’t a student lifestyle magazine for KSU; at that point, we were a student lifestyle magazine for the Marietta Campus and the former students of SPSU.

When I took over as the head of the magazine, I knew that things were going to have to change if we were going to become a legitimate part of KSU’s culture. Now, I am proud to introduce a new staff which represents the interests of both campuses and creates better content for our university as a whole. We have such an incredible team creating this magazine that I would hate for the publication to go unnoticed to this new family that we are a part of.

I want to bring this talented team of writers, with our knowledge of creating an entertaining and useful product, to a new legacy under KSU. The best way to do this is to ask our community of 30,000+ students what they want. This is a student lifestyle magazine meant to help you make the best of your years in college, through helpful articles, valuable tips and information, and entertaining material that is relevant to the school that will quickly become a major part of your life.

With this in mind, I ask you to help us choose the new name of our publication and join us as we begin this new legacy.

We will be holding polls and surveys both across campuses and on social media. We come to the student body to help us name our student lifestyle magazine. We write for the students, and we want you to have a part in this new beginning. After all, this campus is our home, and we are all a part of the #KSULifestyle.