2017 Netflix Originals


Netflix has decided, just as I have, to steadily ignore that 2016 ever happened. That’s right, we’re moving on with a bang! The god of procrastination is gifting us with so many new original shows that it’s hard to not be completely excited – and slightly worried about your GPA, because who isn’t going to marathon these golden series?

Returning Shows:
House of Cards
Season 5 of House of Cards will premiere in either February or March. This show kills me, and I’m not ready for it.

Season 2 of Chelsea will return in April. I absolutely adore this woman and all the crazy stunts she pulls. She doesn’t care, not a bit, and it’s a bit inspiring. What’s even more inspiring is that the new season will have 90 episodes.

Sense8 Season 1 was a completely different type of show – and also a horrible one to watch with your parents. It was progressive, innovative, and really tugged at my heart. I’m so happy to hear that Season 2 is coming out on May 5th! It’s basically an end-of-the-semester present.

Orange Is the New Black
Season 5 of this gem arrives in June, so unless you have summer classes, it’s probably completely okay to marathon this in one night. Healthy, even.

Stranger Things
Returning sometime this summer is Season 2 of Stranger Things. This show came out of nowhere. The child actors not only surprised me with their incredible acting, but they’re also hilarious in their interviews. It looks like in this season they’ll be trying to return to some normalcy, and the gang will be all back together! I hope so, anyway, because Eleven is definitely in this season.

You’ll be safe for the spring semester, but Season 3 of Narcos is returning in the fall. The later premiere gives you plenty of time to get caught up if you haven’t started this show yet. If the last two seasons were anything to go by, Season 3 will be just as intense and nail-biting.

Master of None
Season 2 of Aziz Ansari’s beautiful series is coming out sometime this year, and I’m super excited to see what he has in store for us now.

Other Returning Shows:
Grace and Frankie Season 3 – May 2017
Bojack Horseman Season 4 – Summer 2017
Making a Murderer Season 2 – 2017
Real Rob Season 2 – 2017
Scream Season 3 – 2017
Longmire Season 6 – 2017
The Get Down Season 1, Part 2 – 2017
Lady Dynamite Season 2 – 2017
The Ranch Season 2 – 2017
Cuckoo Season 4 – 2017
Chef’s Table Season 4 – 2017

New Netflix Originals:
One Day at a Time
This show, which was released on January 6th, is set in the 70s and follows the life of a former military Cuban mom who tries to raise her children on her own. I just know that this reboot of the 1975 show is going to be a big hit. It’s nostalgic, and reminds me of the older sitcoms I adore.

A Series of Unfortunate Events
I’m not quite sure how to feel about this one: the 2004 movie was bad, the books were amazing. Neil Patrick Harris stars as the creepy uncle, which could either go really well or really poorly, but I’ll still love Neil no matter what. Here’s to hoping for a successful adaptation, which will be released on January 13th.

This isn’t a Netflix-exclusive, but it stars Jason Momoa (Khal Drogo from Game of Thrones, Aquaman, general hottie) so I had to include it. Netflix will be streaming this 1700s period drama on January 20th.

Marvel’s Iron Fist
On March 17th we get the final puzzle piece of the team making up The Defenders, Danny Rand: A.K.A, Iron Fist. I’m on the hype train for this show because 1) Netflix has not yet failed me when it comes to their Marvel series; and  2) BECAUSE THE DEFENDERS IS COMING SOON.

Marvel’s The Punisher
This spin-off of Marvel’s Daredevil premieres sometime in 2017 and gives us a closer look at anti-hero Frank Castle. This former marine became a vigilante after his wife and kid were executed by the mafia – which, to be fair, is an overdone trope about man pain, but it’s part of the Marvel series and I’m a sucker for an anti-hero.

Marvel’s The Defenders
The Defenders brings together the heroes from the other Marvel original Netflix shows: Matt Murdock (Marvel’s Daredevil), Jessica Jones (Marvel’s Jessica Jones), Luke Cage (Marvel’s Luke Cage), and Danny Rand (Marvel’s Iron Fist). This is scheduled to premiere sometime in 2017, so SOMETIME SOON ALL MY SUPERHERO BABIES WILL JOIN UP.

Dear White People
This show is based on the film Dear White People produced by Justin Simien in 2014, and it follows a group of POC and the prejudice they face at a predominately white Ivy League university. There’s no official release date for this gem, but it will premiere sometime this year.

Bill Nye Saves The World
BILL! BILL! BILL! BILL! BILL NYE THE SCIENCE GUY. Mr. Science himself returns sometime in 2017 with his own show, where he’ll call out everyone and their anti-scientific claims. Watch out, world.

Other New Shows:
Santa Clarita Diet – February 3rd, 2017
Girlboss – April 2017
Anne – Spring 2017
Horse Mystery Project – Spring 2017
Ozark – second half of 2017
Dark – late 2017
Maniac – 2017
The Worst Witch – 2017
Crazy Face – 2017
Greenhouse Academy – 2017
Mindhunter – 2017
13 Reasons Why – 2017
Watership Down – 2017
Gypsy – 2017
Mystery Science Theater 3000 – 2017
Kiss Me First – 2017
Big Mouth – 2017
El Chapo – 2017