5 Steps to Becoming a Healthier Student


I’ll be the first to admit that I am not the most athletic of people. Growing up in a family full of athletes, I had to find my own ways of staying healthy and active. College doesn’t exactly lend a hand, what with all the amazing culinary options we have on campus. This semester, I have intentionally searched for ways to stay fit while doing very little. Here is my lazy man’s guide to on-campus fitness.

  1. Take an Extra Lap

Walking is an excellent way to maintain fitness without doing anything vigorous. We are lucky to have such a beautiful campus, so I have been making a habit of taking an extra lap – if you know your route to class and you have a few extra minutes, walk the route twice. All you’re missing out on is a few minutes of sitting on your phone before your professor shows up. Use that extra time to enjoy the fresh air and go for a walk.

  1. Take the Stairs

This is one of those things that takes some getting used to. If you are a lover of the elevator, I empathize with you. You avoid getting sweaty, out of breath, and you eliminate the possibility of falling to your death. These are all great reasons, but if you are able to take the stairs it will do wonders for your health. I recently attempted four flights of stairs to get to my class, and I realized just how out of shape I was. Today, I climb those same four flights with vigor.

  1. Trade It In

Trade some of those heavy snacks and drinks for something a little lighter and healthier. For example, I switched my usual Starbucks order (tall, vanilla latte w/ a caramel drizzle and whipped topping) for an iced green tea or a soy Americano. A girl needs her coffee, but it doesn’t always have to be topped with caramel and whip. A little trade-in can make all the difference to your overall health.

  1. Hit the Gym

Kennesaw has an excellent gym (the Dr. Betty L. Siegel Student Recreation and Activities Center) on campus. It’s easy to sign up, and they offer various activities. If you’re like me and have no clue how to navigate a gym by yourself, then you will love the group classes that are offered. They have spinning, yoga, boot camp training, and more. Come out, meet some new people, and get a little sweaty in the process! Fitness can most definitely be fun.

  1. Catch Some ZZZ’s

I know what you’re thinking: “What is sleep?” I hear you. I don’t remember the last time I went to bed before midnight. We all have homework and exams, and sometimes sleep gets pushed to the back burner – but sleep is so important for our overall health. Try to prioritize having a consistent sleep schedule throughout the week. Power down those electronics and start counting some sheep.

Baby steps are still steps. I hope these little tips will inspire you to make healthy choices every day. In college, you are paving the way for your future. Let’s make that future a healthy one.