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Alem Sahic

Hello! I am Alem Sahic, writer and photographer for The Peak. I am majoring in mechatronics engineering with a minor in professional writing at Kennesaw State University. My passions are writing, photography, and music. I hope that you enjoy reading my articles!

LinkedIn: Your Link to the Business World

Most people hop onto their computer immediately after waking up, mug of coffee in hand, to start one of their many social media check-ins...

RoboBee: The Future of Flower Pollination

In the dystopian future, flowers have wilted to weeds and farms are nearly barren. World starvation is rampant, with severe drops in population across all...

The STEM Career Fair: A Bazaar of Opportunities

Walking around the room for the STEM career fair, I was reminded of a bazaar. Crowded and hot, the people move about, looking for...