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The People of Kennesaw – An Original Video Series

The People of Kennesaw is a video series created by KSU Lifestyle in order to showcase the diverse cast of interesting people that have...

Episode 7 – Stress and Anxiety

Carson Long and Emilie Wilhite discuss stress in college, maintaining a work/school life balance, and talk about the ways that they deal with stress...

The Break Room

The Break Room, located in Sandy Springs, serves as a “destruction therapy” experience. It offers a unique chance to escape the stresses that come...

Episode 5 – Breaking Out of the Mold

People change. Carson Long and Allison Whitworth talk about how college has changed them and how they have broken out of their "high school mold."

Episode 4 – Tinder

Carson and Julie talk about their Tinder experiences, boob pictures, and if Tinder makes people more or less social.

Episode 3 – Dating

Dating gets tricky. Carson Long and Julie Baker talk about the craziness that is dating in college. What is true love? When are you...

Episode 2 – Talking

How much does a polar bear weigh? About as much as Carson's crushing loneliness. Listen in as Carson and Julie talk about how to...

Episode 1 – Awkward Situations

Carson discusses some of his more awkward moments and why you shouldn't be scared of awkwardness.

[#TBT Album Review] Brand New – The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me

In 2006, alternative band Brand New was just finding their sound and distinctive style. The band, coming off of a very successful album titled...