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Tommy Calhoun

Hailing from the northeast Georgia mountains, Tommy has been writing for the Peak since Fall of 2016, and became the Entertainment Editor in early 2017. When he isn't working or writing, Tommy enjoys slaying dragons, casting ancient arcane spells, exploring the tombs of long dead kings, and reading a good book. He is currently working on writing a novel series in addition to the multitudes of other hobbies he keeps on a backlog. If you would like to read about a specific entertainment topic, write for the Entertainment Section of The Peak, or just want to pop in and say hi, you can contact Tommy at

How to Diversify Your Entertainment Tastes

We’ve all been there: scrolling through movies we’ve seen a thousand times, shuffling through the same old songs, or playing the umpteenth zombie shooter...

The Trappings of Anticipation: How the Hype Train Killed No Man’s Sky

We weren’t all there, but we felt its impact. E3 2014 took our hopes, loaded them into a rocket, and shot it into the...