Board Games to Play on Halloween

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Everything is set for your Halloween party. You know what creepy snacks you’re going to have out for your guests, you’ve already picked out the horror movie you’re all going to watch, and you just got the last piece you needed for your costume. All that’s left is to decide on what games you want to play! In this article, I’m going to outline a few board games I like to play with large groups of people.

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Superfight is the Batman versus Superman argument given form in a card game. A referee is selected each round, and two players draw three white cards and two black cards. Each white card has a character on it, and each black card has a modifier. Each player plays a character with a modifier as their “fighter” and argues with their opponent about why they should win. However, before the players begin arguing, they each get to give their opponent a modifier card. You can end up with some pretty crazy combinations, like Superman made out of glass with a laser gun, or a samurai that can clone himself and is stuck in a hamster ball. It’s a great game, and will definitely ruin more than a few friendships.

Players: 3-10

Picture of the box for One Night Ultimate Werewolf

One Night: Ultimate Werewolf

Who are the werewolves, and who are the people? Find out in this game of trust and teamwork. Everyone draws a role card at the beginning of the game – each role has its own abilities and goals, but among all the roles are the werewolves. These creatures are trying to slip by undetected while the rest of the townsfolk try to root them out. If you’re familiar with games like Town of Salem or the Mafia card game, then this game is very similar, but much simpler. Its easy to pick up, and it will have the whole group involved.

Players: 3-10

Picture of the box art for Betrayal at House on the Hill

Betrayal at House on the Hill

You and a group of friends can travel through a randomly generated haunted house until one of you becomes a traitor and turns on all the others. Now what about that doesn’t scream “Halloween” to you? As you play, each player lays out new sections of the house to create a more and more labyrinthine maze. When the traitor finally turns on the party, it’s their duty to hunt everyone down and kill them before the rest of the party musters up enough courage to defeat them.

Players: 3-6

Box art for Elder Sign

Elder Sign

Looking for some horror that’s a little more eldritch? Well, look no further! Elder Sign is a game about cooperation and supernatural intrigue. Play as regular people investigating cultists and rituals in a race against the Ancient Ones. Can you retain your sanity long enough to find the elder signs and seal away the Ancient Ones before they return to destroy our world? The fate of the world is in your hands!

Players: 1-8

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