Building a Personal Brand

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I use Colgate, I have always used Colgate, and will probably use Colgate for many years to come. Many of us get attached to products; whether it is a certain type of toothpaste or a type of phone, we are so accustomed to these products that we swear to be loyal to them.

So, what gets us attached to these products? The branding! Brands affect our decision to use certain products consciously and subconsciously. We decide to use these products because of what they look like and how the company has established their identity.

You might be thinking, “how does this long tale about toothpaste affect a college student?” Just like these companies, students want to establish a brand that will attract people to want to work with us. Establishing a good identity and brand goes a long way in achieving career goals.

Here are a few short steps to totally revamp your personal brand:

Define Your Brand

You need to establish what you want to be known for. Find your passion and develop it. To do this, start with what you like doing or with something that interests you. Then try to learn more about that hobby or interest. Develop it into something that will profit you and your community.

Learn Basic Etiquette

As you advance in your career field, it is important to learn certain skills and etiquette. It is necessary to know how to behave in certain situations and places. Having good etiquette automatically adds professionalism and confidence to your brand. Additionally, it is important to be mindful when communicating with individuals from other cultures.

Work on Your Online Presence

In the modern age, everything about us can be found online. Nowadays, many employers are checking the online profiles of job applicants. So, it is time to revive your social media profiles and delete posts and pictures that might prevent you from getting your dream job. Aside from cleaning up profiles, it is also advisable to establish professional online profiles. You can do this by joining a website such as LinkedIn or by creating an online portfolio.

Make Connections

This cannot be stressed enough. The connections you make during your time in school will be useful after you graduate. Interacting and establishing meaningful relationships with classmates, professors, and/or colleagues can lead us to that one connection you need to establish your career. Most importantly, word-of-mouth is an effective way to market yourself and your brand.

Work on Your Resume

Take some time to work on your resume. Add new experiences and get rid of the ones that do not show off your unique skills and abilities. Shape your resume in a way that strongly aligns with your brand. The Department of Career Planing and Development helps students to develop a resume that displays a strong image and identity.

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