Episode 7 – Stress and Anxiety

Carson Long and Emilie Wilhite discuss stress in college, maintaining a work/school life balance, and talk about the ways that they deal with stress and anxiety. Remember: Mental health is important! Take care of...

Episode 1 – Batman Part 1

Introducing KSU Lifestyle's newest podcast: The Owlcave! In the first episode of The Owlcave, Zach McDowell and Millena Da Silva talk all things Batman. On account of their love for Batman, this podcast had...

Episode 5 – Breaking Out of the Mold

People change. Carson Long and Allison Whitworth talk about how college has changed them and how they have broken out of their "high school mold."

Episode 5 – Author Roundup: John Green

Carson and Millena are back! Listen as they start a new series called "author roundup" where they pick a certain author and talk about how they feel about this author. On this episode, they...

Episode 4 – Mockingjay

Carson and Millena are back at it again with the third and final installment of the Hunger Games series, Mockingjay. Listen as they give their opinions on the book, the characters, and everything in...

Episode 4 – Tinder

Carson and Julie talk about their Tinder experiences, boob pictures, and if Tinder makes people more or less social.

Episode 6 – Modding Medley

Video games are fun, but sometimes we as the gamers want a little more out of the games we spend the big bucks on. In order to do that, some resort to tinkering with...

Episode 3 – Books That Messed Us Up

Millena and Carson talk about books that have messed them up. We really like dogs, and Carson gets really sad when talking about Bridge to Terabithia.

Episode 5 – Let’s Play a Podcast

Everyone loves playing video games, but what’s the deal about watching others playing video games? Some people love it and others find it to be a waste of time and ruins the essence of...