Episode 6 – Steinbeck and Rainbow

On this episode of Book Club Soda, Carson and Millena talk about books they've recently read, including Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell and East of Eden by John Steinbeck. Listen as they take...

Episode 4 – The Flash

On this episode of The Owlcave, Zach and Millena talk about Barry Allen, AKA the fastest man alive. Everyone's favorite scarlet speedster has many faults, and they talk about it and everything that has...

Episode 2 – Red, White, & Brew

In this episode, Sam and Anna talk about their favorite figures in the history of America’s beer industry. Plus, find out the story behind the birth of Anheuser-Busch. Cheers!

Episode 3 – Superman

It's a bird! It's a plane! No, its just Millena Silva and Zach McDowell back on the mic to talk about everyone's favorite alien- Superman. Listen as they go through their favorite Clark Kent...

Hopisode One

Samantha Holt and Anna Barfield introduce Hopular Opinion, KSU Lifestyle’s next podcast, and talk about their passion for craft beer and how it started. Cheers!

Episode 2 – Batman Part 2

Here is part 2 of the Batman podcast of The Owlcave! Enjoy as Zach and Millena dive deeper into the world of Gotham!

Episode 7 – Stress and Anxiety

Carson Long and Emilie Wilhite discuss stress in college, maintaining a work/school life balance, and talk about the ways that they deal with stress and anxiety. Remember: Mental health is important! Take care of...

Episode 1 – Batman Part 1

Introducing KSU Lifestyle's newest podcast: The Owlcave! In the first episode of The Owlcave, Zach McDowell and Millena Da Silva talk all things Batman. On account of their love for Batman, this podcast had...

Episode 5 – Breaking Out of the Mold

People change. Carson Long and Allison Whitworth talk about how college has changed them and how they have broken out of their "high school mold."