Episode 4 – Tinder

Carson and Julie talk about their Tinder experiences, boob pictures, and if Tinder makes people more or less social.

Episode 6 – Modding Medley

Video games are fun, but sometimes we as the gamers want a little more out of the games we spend the big bucks on. In order to do that, some resort to tinkering with...

Episode 3 – Books That Messed Us Up

Millena and Carson talk about books that have messed them up. We really like dogs, and Carson gets really sad when talking about Bridge to Terabithia.

Episode 5 – Let’s Play a Podcast

Everyone loves playing video games, but what’s the deal about watching others playing video games? Some people love it and others find it to be a waste of time and ruins the essence of...

Episode 4 – Open World, Too Many Possibilities

Woo! You’re on an open world adventure with the freedom to do whatever you want to! Where do you want to start? In this episode, we discuss the difference between sandbox and open world...

Episode 3 – Journey thru Gaming

Some of us started gaming as wee little children and others have only recently planted their roots in the gaming world. Regardless of when you started, every gamer has a story about those special moments in their gaming history. Come listen to ours. Cohosted by Aaron Jeter & Carson Long.

Episode 2 – Lovable & Hated Characters

There comes a point in every gamer's life where they just fall in love with some of the characters that they encounter while playing through many different series. On the flip side, they also have to deal with the characters that they just want to be rid of forever. Cohosted by Aaron Jeter.

Episode 1 – Disappointing Games

We’ve all had our share of games that we didn’t have much interest in, whether it’s because of the mechanics, or because of overhyping it up by the developers. Tune in to our list of some of our most disappointing games. Cohosted by Aaron Jeter.

Episode 1 – The Hunger Games

Millena and Carson look at the first book of the Hunger Games Series by Suzanne Collins and why Gale sucks.