Exploring the Brotherhood: Delta Sig

Photo by Alem Sahic

“What we’re here to do is better people. Our motto is better men, better lives. If you can better yourself and better your life, then you can better those around you.” This is just the beginning of what the President of Delta Sig had to say about his fraternity and their pursuit of excellence.

Allen English arrived early for our interview, and, after a few pictures, we sat and chatted about all things fraternity. By the end of this interview, I was super impressed and ready to pledge Delta Sig myself. Here’s a closer look at our discussion, where Allen shares his secrets to leading a group of men towards greater success:

Des Easton: Allen, tell me about yourself.

Allen English: Well, I am a business major. I recently declared a double major in entrepreneurship. I’m going into my senior year.

DE: What are some of your goals for the future?

AE: Immediately after I graduate, I really want to continue where I am currently working. It’s a company that sells computer software. My long-term goal is to go into real estate development. I’d love to build skyscrapers, hotels, and golf courses. Super long-term, in 30 or 40 years, I do plan to go into politics and probably run for president.

DE: Wow! Okay, so why did you want to be president of Delta Sig?

AE: The main points that I ran on were improving communication and holding everyone accountable to get their work done. If those things could be improved or even perfected, then everything else would fall into place.

DE: How would you respond to the common misconceptions about fraternities, such as hazing, keg parties, and racial exclusivity?

AE: When you think of fraternity guys, you are looking at a certain type of guy: I call those guys frat guys. In our chapter, I see fraternity men. If you ask people around campus, they will tell you that we don’t have a lot of parties. We only do a handful of events every semester because big, crazy, wild, TFM (Total Frat Move) parties are just not what we’re about. What we’re here to do is better everybody. Our motto is better men, better lives. Better is a verb here. If you can better yourself, and better your life, then you can better those around you. I can say, with honor and integrity, that we do not do any hazing. We also don’t look at what you’re wearing or the color of your skin. If you meet our requirements, then we don’t care who you are.

DE: What are three benefits of being a part of a fraternity?

AE: First, I ended up getting my current job through Delta Sig. We also have a vast network of alumni in different industries on different continents. There are a lot of ways to make connections. Second, it’s like you have your friend group of 71 guys everywhere, all the time. You never feel left out and there is always something to do. We also have a pretty big academic chair. It’s been a huge benefit in getting better grades and being successful in class. And finally, it has matured me and taught me how to be a man. It has taught me how to run a business. I really don’t know where I would be without it.