February Entertainment



Upcoming Movies

The Space Between Us (Adventure/Romance/Sci-Fi) – February 3

He was born on Mars and grew up knowing the same scientists his whole life. Now he’s on earth, going on an adventure with a cunning girl in order to find out more.

Rings (Drama/Horror) – February 3

This woman has seven days to live after being terribly cursed.

I Am Not i_am_not_your_negroYour Negro (Documentary) – February 3

A tale of the struggles of race and race privilege in modern USA.

Wheeler (Drama) – February 3

Follow actor Stephen Dorff through an interesting mixture of reality and fiction as he disguises himself as Wheeler, an aspiring country musician. “Wheeler” gives live performances and converses with people in real time.

Eloise (Horror/Mystery/Thriller) – February 3

In the attempt to get a death certificate which would name one of them the heir to a large fortune, four friends sneak into a foreclosed mental asylum – and the inhabitants aren’t happy.

The Comedian (Comedy) – February 3

Follow the life of an insulting comic as he tries to reinvent himself.

American Violence (Crime/Drama/Thriller) – February 3

A famous psychologist, Dr. Amanda Tyler, is responsible for deciding whether or not death row inmate Jackson Shea deserves the death sentence.

Growing Up Smith (Comedy/Drama) – February 3

Follow the story of 10-year-old Smith, who moves further and further away from his family’s culture after they move from India to America in 1979.

youth_in_oregonYouth in Oregon (Comedy/Drama) – February 3

A bitter, 80-year-old man gives his son the task of driving the man across the country so he can be legally euthanized in Oregon. On the way there, he might discover a reason for living.

Secrets of Deception (Action/Crime/Drama) – February 7

Fueled by rage, a husband goes down a violent path after learning that his wife is cheating on him with a neighbor.

The Lego Batman Movie (Animation/Comedy/Action) – February 10

Bruce Wayne juggles the responsibilities of raising an orphan and saving the city of Gotham.

Fifty Shades Darker (Drama/Romance) – February 10

The Fifty Shades series continues as Anastasia is forced to deal with Christian’s exes, and as Christian struggles to get over his own emotional baggage.

John Wick: Chapter 2 (Action/Crime/Thriller) – February 10

John Wick, a former hitman, comes out of retirement to fulfill an oath he made.

I Am Jane Di am jane doeoe (Documentary) – February 10

Follow the heart-wrenching, real-life story of mothers and their young daughters who have fallen victim to sex-trafficking. This movie follows them as they deal with corporations, judges, and an old law that takes liability away from sites for whatever ads they have – even if it’s for selling underage girls.

Kedi (Documentary) – February 10

Take a look into Istanbul through the eyes of perhaps the most loveable of tour guides – cats.

Running Wild (Drama) – February 10

In this heartwarming story, a woman works with convicts in order to help a herd of wild horses. Over the course of fighting prejudice and greed, they learn that the best way to help yourself is by helping other living beings.

A United Kingdom (Biography/Drama/Romance) – February 10

Regardless of the world’s prejudice, true love doesn’t care about the color of your skin. This is especially true for the Prince of Botswana, Seretse Khama, when he marries a white British woman.

God Bless the Broken Road (Drama) – February 10

A young woman’s husband dies in Afghanistan, leaving her to raise their young daughter by herself.

fistfightFist Fight (Comedy) – February 17

School fights always seemed to be for children, but not anymore. After one teacher gets another teacher fired, there’s only one way to solve it: After. School. Fight.

My Name Is Emily (Drama) – February 17

After running away from a foster home, a teenage girl and boy go on the hunt for the girl’s father, who is now locked up in a psychiatric institution.

The Great Wall (Action/Adventure/Fantasy) – February 17

A mercenary warrior is moved to help an army of elite warriors in their fight against a seemingly invincible and fantastical force which threatens the Great Wall of China.

XX (Horror) – February 17

An anthology of horror stories written entirely by female authors, including Annie Clark, Roxanne Benjamin, Jovanka Vuckovic, and Karyn Kusama.

A Cure for Wellness (Mystery/Thriller) – February 17

A business executive comes to the startling conclusion that things are not as they seem when he is tasked with bringing back the company’s CEO from a remote wellness center.

Patient Zero (Action/Drama/Horror) – February 17

A super virus has turned most of humanity into “The Infected,” a new species of violent, intelligent creatures. There is one man who can speak their language, and it is up to him, along with the people who may be the last survivors on earth, to find a cure.

everybody_loves_somebodyEverybody Loves Somebody (Comedy) – February 17

She has everything: a great job, a house, and a family. She doesn’t have a boyfriend, however, which leads to her asking a coworker to pretend to be her significant other for a wedding in Mexico. Things quickly go awry when her ex shows out of nowhere, and she has to decide which part of her heart to listen to.


Get Out (Horror) – February 24

Meeting your girlfriend’s parents is always scary, but it gets much worse when Chris realizes his girlfriend’s family estate is haunted.

Tulip Fever (Drama/Romance) – February 24

Love is life-changing, and Sophia completely changes her life in the 1600s when she falls in love with an artist commissioned to paint her portrait.

bitter_harvestBitter Harvest (Drama/Romance/War) – February 24

This is the true story of the Holodomor, an artificial famine created and enforced by the Soviet Union in Soviet Ukraine from 1932-1933.

Rock Dog (Animation/Comedy/Family) – February 24

Sometimes the world is subtle in telling you to follow your dreams – other times it blunter, and the sky drops a radio into your hands. This Tibetan Mastiff is ready to follow his dreams to become a musician.