How to Diversify Your Entertainment Tastes


We’ve all been there: scrolling through movies we’ve seen a thousand times, shuffling through the same old songs, or playing the umpteenth zombie shooter game. Even in this world, where we’re constantly bombarded by information, it can become stale. Luckily for us, it’s very easy to branch out and find something new to enjoy. For everyone from Cinephiles looking to branch out to other mediums, to those looking to fill the hole when they’ve beaten their favorite game for the fifth time, here are some tips to mix it up and find something new.

Movies and TV Shows

It’s pretty easy to get caught up in all the mainstream movies and miss the films that pass you by. Luckily, with so many streaming services these days, it’s easy to find something new. Just hop on Netflix roulette and let an emotionless machine decide your fate. Maybe you’ll uncover a hidden love of Spanish soap operas, you never know. If you want to take this advice a little further, you could try switching mediums instead. If you feel like you’ve seen every movie there is, try picking up a Netflix series. They tend to be a little longer than sitcoms or other TV shows, and they have a little more cinema-esque production quality. If you’re still itching for something else, try taking your exploration to a film festival. There are loads of artistic and clever people there who are eager to share their works with the world. It will definitely be a new experience.


I know you have that one friend; you know, the guy who wears a Canadian suit unironically, drinks cold brew coffee, and talks about his favorite bands that “you’ve probably never heard of.” Pick his brain, I guarantee you he has some musical suggestions. If you feel like staying at home, the music streaming service Spotify has a wealth of talent and tons of ways to find new music. It has a “Discover” system that shows you new artists and albums based on what you like, a radio that takes one of your songs and plays music like it, and genre-specific tags that might help you find whole sub-genres that you didn’t even know existed. If you’re looking for really up-and-coming talent, try poking your head around on Soundcloud. There are a lot of new artists posting their content there in an effort to make a name for themselves.


If you’re looking for a new game to play, your cheapest option is to swing by a hometown owned game store and look around there for a bit. Try out an older console and rediscover some classic GameCube or PlayStation 2 titles. Or, maybe you’re tired of playing with a controller for a while and you want something new. Ask the clerk what their best board games or card games are, and I’m sure you’ll have something fun for you and your friends to play. If leaving your apartment doesn’t seem like it’s in the cards, then you can use the filters on Steam to find new genres. Try checking out some indie developers; they can produce some real hidden gems. If all else fails, you can go on YouTube and watch some “Let’s Play” videos to get some ideas from there.

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