Makeup Monday Tutorial: Sugar Skull


This makeup look is for anyone who wants to have cool face paint, but wants to keep their outfit kind of casual. A Sugar Skull can be dressed up or dressed down, it’s really all up to the person. Listed below are the steps to achieve this look.

  1. Start with a fresh, clean face, and apply a primer.
  2. Take a black eyeliner pencil and draw the outline of the eyes.
    • It is easiest to follow above the eyebrow and then come down about one inch past the lower lash line.
  3. With the same black eyeliner pencil, draw the outline of the nose.
  4. Fill in the eyes and nose area.
    • Fill the eyes in with the paint color of your choice, and color the nose in with the black eyeliner or paint.
  5. Paint the rest of the face white (using face paint or Merhon clown white).
  6. Make flower petals around the eyes.
    • Before you draw the flower petals, make sure the white face paint has dried or you will end up with a grey color mix; the more paint you add, the worst it gets.
  7. Make teeth around the mouth.
    • It is easiest to draw a horizontal line through the lips and about half way up the face to the cheeks. Then, make vertical lines down about half an inch apart. You can close off the lines to make round teeth, or keep them open.
  8. Add design on forehead and chin.
    • This step is free to your imagination much like this entire look. Play with the colors and add lines or swirls. Go wherever your creativity takes you.

*Optional: adding a flower headband will really give the full effect of a sugar skull.