March Entertainment


Midterms and tests are hitting everyone fast, and it’s important to take some time to relax and treat yourself. There are a lot of great movies coming out this month: here’s a list of the top hitters!

mloganLogan (Action) – March 3

In the future, Logan is in hiding and taking care of Professor X. His plans quickly change, however, when he meets and has to protect a young mutant, Laura, who is much like him.

The Shack (Drama) – March 3

After facing the death of a loved one, a father is sent a mysterious letter that urges him to visit a shack in the Oregon wilderness. There he meets three mysterious strangers who will help transform his understanding of what has happened, and change his life altogether.

Before I Fall (Drama) – March 3

A young girl has to relive the day of her death over and over again, switching something up each time in order to try and change her fate and figure out what’s happening to her.

The Last Word (Comedy) – March 3

When a woman pays a young writer to write her biography, she quickly finds she doesn’t like how she’ll be remembered, and she begins a journey to change it.

Table 19 (Comedy) – March 3

After being relieved of bridesmaid duties because the best man broke up with her, Eloise decides to attend the wedding anyway, and finds herself sitting next to some interesting guests.

mkongKong: Skull Island (Action/Adventure) – March 10

Traveling to an uncharted island is always scary – and it gets even scarier once they realize who’s inhabiting it.

Beauty and the Beast (Family/Musical) – March 17

A live-adaption of the much beloved Disney fairy tale.

The Belko Experiment (Action/Adventure) – March 17

80 people are trapped in a corporate office in Colombia and are forced to join a game of kill or be killed.

Power Rangers (Action/Adventure) – March 24

The only thing stopping evil from taking over the world is a group of teenage superheroes – darkness won’t know what hit it.

mchipsChips (Comedy) – March 24

Follow the life of two California motorcycle officers as they go around the freeways of LA, and hey- Chip happens.

Life (Fantasy/Sci-Fi) – March 24

After discovering evidence of life on mars, a six-member crew on the International Space station ends up finding out that it’s far more intelligent than they could have expected.

The Boss Baby (Animation) – March 31

It’s babies VS. puppies in this cuteness war. A suit-wearing baby pairs up with his older brother to fight the (cuuuuteee) evil that are doggos.

mzookeeperThe Zookeeper’s Wife (Drama) – March 31

In times of distress and terror, there are always beacons of light who stand against it. Follow the story of the German invasion, the keepers of the Warsaw Zoo, and how they helped to save hundreds of people and animals.

Ghost in the Shell (Sci-Fi) – March 31

Follow the story of a human-cyborg named Major as she leads Section 9 and attempts to bring down a computer hacker.