Roommates: A Bonding Experience

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We all have them. Sometimes we don’t choose them. So how do we live with them?

Every year, whether your live in the dorms or in an off-campus apartment, there is a new roommate placement. Sometimes you may already know the people you are going to live with, but let’s just say you don’t know any of your roommates.

At this point, you’ve talked to them via text or phone call. Move-in day has come and gone, and now you are cohabitating. Here are some tips and activities you can do to bond with your new roommates.

Some Ways to Bond with Your Roommates:

1. Watch Netflix or TV Together

Just hangout. Grab some snacks, sit down, and watch TV together. There has to be a show that you all have in common. Binge-watching is the new thing, so start a new series with your roomies. If nothing else, this will give you all something to talk about and a conversation will be started. There is no telling where it could lead to, or what you could learn about each other.

2. Cook Together

Everyone knows the conversation starts around the dinner table, but with your roomies it can start in the kitchen. Everyone has to eat, so why not cook dinner together or at least exchange nights for who cooks each week. This will give you the time to talk and learn a little bit about each other.

3. Go to Sporting Events Together

A good outing never hurt anyone, so gather up the clan some weekend and go to a sporting event. The KSU football season is here, and a football game would be a perfect outing. You all could go to the tailgate, have some food and laughs, and then go to the game to cheer on our Owls.

4. Exercise Together

Exercise is key to a healthy lifestyle. Grab one or all of your roommates and go outside to enjoy the outdoors. There are tons of trails and outdoor activities to partake of here in Kennesaw, such as Kennesaw Mountain. You could also go to the Student Recreation Center and take a group fitness class together. All of these activities will just allow you and your roommates to bond.

No one wants to have a tense relationship with the people they live with, so try out any of these activities. The main thing is to just talk and get to know the people you share a living space with. You’re stuck with them for at least year, after all, so you should make the best of it.