The Break Room

The tools used in The Break Room

The Break Room, located in Sandy Springs, serves as a “destruction therapy” experience. It offers a unique chance to escape the stresses that come with college, work, and life. Influenced by the Canadian-based “Rage Room,” The Break Room experience focuses on the destruction of glassware and electronics. It’s simple. It’s chaotic, but elegant. There is something beautiful about the way a glass bottle disintegrates under the swing of a baseball bat. A few editors from The Peak were lucky enough to get to visit The Break Room and give it a try.

The Peak Team

The building is unassuming, located in the back of a complex filled with offices. The only identification on the building is a humble sign reading “Mastermind Escape Games.” The same location that offers The Break Room also contains six different escape rooms, including two unique themes that can only be found here.

After a simple waiting room, we were escorted into a separate room with a cash register. Surrounding us were walls filled with small glass cups, bowls, and bottles; all of these items were available to break for a small fee. Additionally, the floor was lined with larger glass items and the classic electronics that frustrate you day-to-day, such as printers and phones. For an additional fee, you could purchase one of these items to smash in The Break Room. You could also pay $10 to bring your own items to use in the room.

The Glass Room

You don’t just have to buy singular items. The Break Room operates mostly through package deals. These packages include admission and, with each upgrade, a larger selection of smashable, shatterable objects. If the price seems a little too expensive for your college-student budget, The Break Room is rumored to price match with any discounts you find online (hint, hint).

The experience itself was incredible. Once suited up in protective gear, we were given 15 minutes to go crazy. It’s such a simple thing. I wish I could tell you how satisfying it was to smash this stuff, but it just won’t work. No matter how many ways I try to write it, it comes out as “we smashed some things.” But it’s more than that: the sound, the feeling, and the chaos of The Break Room are things that just have to be experienced in person. Go to The Break Room. Frisbee a plate at a giant bulls-eye, crush a printer beneath a baseball bat, and enjoy the feeling of breaking something as perfectly made as a bottle of wine.

Batter Up

Check out the details and prices for The Break Room on their website.