The Bright Side to Early Classes


Registration for Fall semester has started, and I know a few unfortunate students have fallen victim to class scheduling. Some students are unlucky enough to get stuck with an unavoidable 8:00 a.m. class, and, even if it is the most exciting class in my schedule, there is nothing exciting about taking an early class. I have never been, nor will I ever be, a morning person; the day does not start until coffee has been brewed.

Though early classes may sound like a nightmare to most students, there is always a silver lining. Having taken the earliest possible classes for the past two years, I have found a few pros in taking them. From one anti-morning person to another, here are a few perks for taking those dreaded morning classes:

1. The Breakfast Menu

On some mornings, the only motivation to go to class is the light at the end of the tunnel – in other words, Chick-fil-A. Chicken biscuits are incredibly satisfying after staring, half-asleep, at your professor for the past hour. I also suggest trying out the Wendy’s breakfast menu. They have a decent chicken biscuit and are located right off of campus. Taking early morning classes gives you the luxury of a plethora of breakfast options.

2. The Ambiance

Early mornings are peaceful because few other people are awake to suffer from lack of sleep with you. I usually catch the sun rising on the drive to my earliest classes; there’s something special about starting my day with a beautiful sunrise. If you’re parking on campus, the view from the parking decks, with the mountains in the distance, is very pretty when the sun is just beginning to wash over it.

3. The Best Parking Spots

I never worry about having to park on the seventh level of the Central Parking Deck when I’m driving to my morning classes. On occasion, I’ve even snagged a parking spot by the Social Sciences building (very rare, I may have dreamt it). It’s nice getting to campus before the main crowd of students, faculty, and staff start arriving, because you save at least 5-7 minutes in parking time.

4. The Comfy Clothes

If I’m arriving to my 8:00 a.m. classes, then there is a 200% chance I am walking in wearing sweatpants and the comfiest sweaters or shirts that I own. Even if I need to bring a change of clothes for later in the day, wearing comfortable clothes to early morning classes makes them slightly more tolerable. Try to plan outfits around the question, “What will I want to be wearing when I am exhausted and dragging myself across campus?”

Don’t feel too bad if you find yourself stuck waking up at the crack of dawn next semester. There are plenty of things to appreciate about rising early. Stay golden, and remember that coffee will be there for you when your bed is not.

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