Treadmill Haters, Rejoice!

Kennesaw Campus Recreation Center

I have never liked the treadmill – I don’t like the inclines, I don’t like the impact on my knees, and honestly, I don’t like running. One would think that this make it difficult to get my cardio done, but actually it’s the complete opposite. The recreation centers on both the Kennesaw and Marietta campuses have great alternatives to your run of the mill (get it?) workouts – you just have to search for them.

Racquetball, volleyball, basketball: While these sports vary in how much they impact your joints, they’re all fun sports you can play with your friends (or meet other students while playing). They’re great because, while they do involve running, you get the benefit of a group workout; you’re more likely to have a longer and more intense workout when you’re with others. On either campus you can find several of the various courts near or in the recreation centers.

Rock climbing: Nothing gets the blood pumping like being a couple dozen feet up! The Kennesaw campus has an amazing rock wall room, where you can climb via harness or without. Rock climbing has the added benefit of being great for all over strength training, so you’re knocking out multiple types of workouts at once.

Swimming: Both campuses feature large pools, perfect for getting a couple laps in. Swimming is like rock climbing, in that it’s a full body workout that targets your back, your arm muscles, and your core! To maximize the effect on your legs, try running through the shallow end of the pool. The added resistance provides a grueling workout!

Hit up the Outdoor Adventures Shop: The Outdoor Adventures Shop is your one-stop shop for creative and fun outdoor exercises. For low prices you can rent out paddle boards, bikes, snorkel sets, and camping gear. Need to find a group of people to go with? KSU’s Nature Bound recreation program is dedicated to getting people together that love the outdoors! Make sure to check out their site for more info.

Join the Group Workouts: The recreation website has a repeating schedule of fantastic group workouts to join. You can participate in pilates, zumba, yoga, cycling, and much, much more! Here’s the schedule below: