Turn Cliché into Cool: Transform Traditional Costumes into Terrific Ones!


Halloween is creeping nearer, and it’s time to break out the costumes! Cat, werewolf, zombie—have you ever felt like some costumes are just growing too cliché? Not to fear! There are plenty of tricks to turn old costumes into cool, new looks that are perfect for spooky fun!

Black Cat to Black Catsune

Black cats are probably one of the most iconic symbols of Halloween. If you’re looking for something new, then don’t forget this longtime favorite, for it can be easily crafted into an awesome Black Catsune! A kitsune is a shape-shifting fox spirit of Japan that have up to nine tails; each tail indicates further age and increased power. Transforming yourself into a Black Catsune allows you to become not just a feline, but a creature of mystique.

What you need:

  1. Black, long-sleeved shirt and black pants.
  2. Add a black fur boa around your neck, and make black boa cuffs for your wrists, ankles, and waist (cutting to size, of course).
  3. Have any spare black mittens or gloves? They’re perfect for paws! Just take some pink felt and cut out ‘paw pads’ to glue on.
  4. Now you just need a pair of black cat ears and as many tails as you like!

For a final touch, you can paint your face to look truly magical:

  1. Begin with a white base.
  2. Start edging your face with black, as shown in the images.
  3. Darken your nose and lips, edge your eyes, and add dots for whiskers.


The transformation!


Werewolf to Bearserker

The werewolf is another iconic Halloween costume that has lost some of its punch. But, with a little tweaking, you can create a new twist: the Bearserker! A werebear and a Viking all at once, this is a quick and easy costume that can be tailored further to transform into an even more fearsome fighter.

What you need:

  1. To make a tunic, take an old t-shirt that is too big for you. It should also be a plain color or simple pattern that lacks graphics. Slit it down the front so you can put it on like a jacket.
  2. Add some old pants and an old long-sleeved shirt beneath your new tunic, and keep your tunic secure with a belt around your waist. A brown fur boa around your neck will give your costume an extra boost.
  3. Now you just need a Viking/knight/warrior helmet, a pair of boots, and your weapon of choice: axe, scythe, sword, or something else entirely!

For a final touch, you can paint your face as follows:

  1. Begin with a brown base, and use darker brown or black to edge out your ‘furry’ appearance. Leave room for adding scars if you want some to look tougher!
  2. Lighten your nose and mouth area to create a bear ‘muzzle.’
  3. Blacken your nose and edge your mouth and eyes. Add your scars, and vampire fangs—they make great Bearserker teeth!


The transformation!


Mermaid to Merzombie

Another super-iconic costume, zombies have taken the world by storm through the Walking Dead, zombie walks, and countless other movies and events. But have you ever wanted to add a little glam to your zombie, or wanted to make yourself stand out from the hoard? As a merzombie, you can run the gambit from ‘cute’ to terrifying!

What you need:

  1. The first thing you need, as a merzombie, is a tail! A long, solid-color skirt can work great; so can a pair of old, solid-color pants. For either, spruce them up with paint, and/or glitter, and give them some ‘scales’ or some gruesome wounds!
  2. For a shirt, an old, ripped one or a sleeveless wrap can serve well as relics from before your transformation into a merzombie.

For a cute touch, add some glam makeup:

  1. Using light purple, give your face a base coat.
  2. With darker purple, add some scales, and darken your eyes and cheekbones.
  3. Add some teeth and wounds; if you want, give yourself some vampire fangs as well—the better to eat brains with! And of course, sprinkle a little glitter for a bit of glam.

For a spooky touch, add some ghoulish makeup:

  1. Using greens and grays, give your skin an eerie tint.
  2. With a darker version of your base color, give yourself some scales, and darken your cheekbones and eyes to give yourself a ghastly look.
  3. Add details of teeth and wounds; if you want, give yourself some vampire fangs as well—the better to eat brains with!


The transformation!


These are just a few, simple ideas for turning cliché costumes into cool new looks. There are endless possibilities for ‘revamping’  any traditional Halloween costume. All you need are simple supplies, your imagination, and maybe the internet. Go wild this Halloween, and transform yourself!

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