Upcoming Movies for Fall 2017

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If you love to go to the movies with your friends, but you don’t really track release dates, then this is the article for you. Each of these upcoming movies have release dates between now and November, and I will talk about why each movie should be worth watching. Without further ado, here are some hot new movies to keep an eye out for in theaters this fall:

Picture of the poster for Blade Runner 2049
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Blade Runner: 2049

October 6

Blade Runner: 2049 is a sequel to the original Blade Runner film from the 80’s. Follow a new Blade Runner, LAPD Office K (Ryan Gosling), as he makes his way through the seedy neon-lit streets of LA in a cyberpunk dystopian future. Best of all, Harrison Ford will be reprising his role as the original Blade Runner, Rick Deckard. If you haven’t seen the original Blade Runner yet, go watch it right now. Not only will it make this new movie a little more coherent, but it’s also just a straight-up fantastic movie that everyone should watch.

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The Foreigner

October 13

If you’re used to Jackie Chan in his wacky action-comedy characters, then The Foreigner is about as far from that as you can get. The Foreigner revolves around the story of a man driven by revenge against the people who have hurt/killed his family. In this action-packed film, Jackie Chan plays the role of a restaurant owner who goes after Irish gangsters that killed his wife and daughter in a bombing. When the justice system fails, it’s time for the fists to fly.

jigsaw movie poster


October 26

After terrorizing a generation with horrifically gruesome films, the Saw series seemed to die down for a while; we haven’t seen a Saw movie in almost seven years. Now the murders have started once again, and it looks like Jason Kramer’s handiwork is all over them. There’s only one problem: Kramer’s been dead for 10 years. Who’s committing these murders? Did Kramer manage to fake his own death, or is this some deranged psychopath that took up the mantle after Kramer passed on? Go watch and find out in this latest addition to the horror series that terrified millions.

Picture of the Thor: Ragnarok movie poster
Source: comingsoon.net

Thor: Ragnarok

November 3rd

While superhero movies are a dime a dozen these days, that doesn’t mean that they’re bad. This next Marvel film is looking to be pretty intense, as Thor is stranded far from Asgard and has to race back to save it from Hela. I’m looking forward to seeing Thor and the Hulk work together in the new movie the most, because there’s only one bigger meathead than Thor in the universe – and that’s the Hulk.

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