Valentine’s Day: Love on a Budget

Photo by Des Easton

As Valentine’s Day quickly approaches, some are planning romantic dates with their significant others while the rest of us are doing just about anything to avoid the dreaded subject. One thing we can all agree on is that Valentine’s Day can be excessively expensive. All my college budgeters out there…never fear! Whether you are hooked up, hanging with friends, or single and swiping through Tinder, here are three date ideas for even the poorest of college students:

Picnic on the Green

Picnics are classic. Pack up some snacks and drinks, find an old blanket that you don’t mind getting dirty and pick up your date (or your friends) for dinner and a great hang.

Upgrade: Throw in a card game or pack your laptop for a movie under the stars. Not only will you be epic for providing dinner, but you will have entertainment to fall back on (just in case conversation is lacking).

Netflix binge session

I know this may not strike you as the most romantic choice, considering this may be on your nightly agenda anyways, but there’s always room to spice it up. Go to a gas station and pick up movie snacks and drinks or order in some take-out. Pick a show that your date or your friends haven’t seen and spend the evening knocking out a season or two.

Upgrade: Impress your date with your stellar culinary skills. Breakfast for dinner is easy and fun. You can never go wrong with pancakes! Italian is a little fancier if your date is into that. Remember friends, with the right spices Ramen noodles can most definitely be considered a culinary delight. Work with what you got!

Attend an event

KSU’s Campus Life page has numerous cheap or even free events to attend. Fitness couples can check out some of the workout classes offered at the recreation center. You can also find plays, art exhibits, cooking lessons, and more. This is a great option for all the singles as well since it is a casual way to meet people.

Upgrade: Don’t tell your date which event you are signing up for. Surprises add to the excitement of dating!

Hopefully these ideas will make Valentine’s Day easier on your wallet. Get creative and combine any of these ideas to keep Valentine’s going all day long. Don’t be afraid to throw a homemade gift in there; flowers and candy are still relevant and homemade cards are still thoughtful.  Good luck love birds!